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x-studio365 Introduction

x-studio365 is a game develop tool based on cocos2d-x; It support Particle editing, Scene(UI) editing, Screen Adapting preview. And support debug cocos2d-x lua games, Unity lua games.
cocos2d-x version: 3.15, spine runtime version: 3.5, DragonBones runtime version: 5.0
*** if require installing, just ignore ***
Editor major features:
*** Now x-studio365 support Debug cocos2d-x Lua Games just like Visual Studio BabeLua plugin.
Usage: Open the BabeLua project, then press F5 to start debug. ***
1. Using cocos2d-x to render the main editor UI directly.
2. Supports more than 20 1K-layout methods.
3. Supports ParticleSystem Editing, import & export plist file.
4. Supports view real adpating vision for any-size of devices.
5. Supports import CocosStudio ccs project, and json format ui published by CocosStudio.
6. Supports import .csb, and publish designed ui to cocosstudio(ccs), json, csd formats.
7. Integrated AES batch encrypt/decrypt tool which work on CBC mode, and support MD5 checksum.
8. Supports Chinese and English.
9. Supports SpriteSheet creation.
remark: It's not support Timeline Editing currently.

Lua Debug feature

* Support debug cocos2d-x & Unity Lua games.
* Support capture lua print and cocos2d::log information.
* Use high symbols cache to support fast startup debug non-firsttime before you compile .exe next time for the Game which depend on static link lua lib and fast startup anytime for the Game which Depend on dynamic link library(lua51.dll)
* Suggestion: Please use dynamic link lua lib perfered, for you can startup debug fastly anytime.



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